Bulb Smash!
The most addictive game
of 2017

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Do you like shooting and broken light bulb sound? Bulb Smash is a real light bulb shooting app. Broke the light bulb within timer by using slingshot. They're not as easy as they look. Care to give one a try.


Entertainment and Fun.

We have seven seasons in our Game:
*Bull's Eye :
*Brick Bat:
*Budge Up :


    Smash the light bulb using slingshot within timer and earn coins and gifts.

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  • Super Level

    Earn unlimited free coins by playing super level.

    Invite friends to play super level.

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  • Weekly Competition

    Compete with your friends & other players to Win & collect prizes.

    As the results are based on total weekly winning coins , Play in higher clubs for higher rankings.

    Check your ranking globally.

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  • Rating

    Earn ratings to achieve pride badges for showing your brain expertise. Get additional benefits every time on achieving next higher badges.

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Have Questions? Ask.

Is internet connection necessary to play game?
NO! Internet connection is not required to play game.
How can i earn coins?
You, can earn coins by clearing the levels. More coins can be earned by sharing and asking for help from friends and relatives using social app and services like facebook, whatsApp etc.
Does Bulb Smash share the information of user?
Nope! Bulb Smash doesn't share your information. Infact, it store your email-id as the user login.
What is Bulb Smash?
Bulb Smash is a MarksManship game based on Hit the bulb from Singshot. If you wanna know more, give it a try and enjoy the fun of playing.
What devices will run Bulb Smash?
Bulb Smash is an android game which runs on mobile devices having Android version later than Jellybean which is Android 3.0
How do I get started?
Start by downloading the app from our store and then our app will walk you through.
What if i reinstall Bulb Smash?
Don't worry, all the progress you have made is sotred in our server. After reinstalling it with the same login credentials, you'll get started from the level where you left.
Can I use earned coins for recharges and shopping?
Nope! Currently, we do not have such offer. But soon you'll be able to do so.