Terms & Conditions

By enrolling and/or using the Bulb Smash application, you agree that you have read and understand this Agreement ("Agreement") and that your membership in Bulb Smash shall confirm to its terms and conditions. Failure to this, your account will be permanently locked and you will no longer be eligible to play or claim any rewards against points collected in your wallet. As we update, improve and expand Bulb Smash Services, this policy may change, so please refer to it periodically

1. Whenever required ,You agree to receive OTP for verifying your mobile. Bulb Smash will verify your mobile number by sending OTP (One time password) to the mobile number provided that will be automatically read by the app upon receiving the OTP message to complete the registration process.

2. You cannot register with multiple email ids.

3. Bulb Smash cannot be used with Android Emulators. All devices are being verified at multiple levels during availing the offers. If found to be used with emulators or any kind of other automated system, your account for mobile number and device will be permanently locked.

4. Bulb Smash reserves the right to limit or modify the rewards & games at any time.

5. Bulb Smash is under no obligation to provide members with any particular amount of reward opportunities or send messages to them.

6. Bulb Smash is providing services to all region & individuals up to 12 years or older may enroll in the Bulb Smash application and become members. Bulb Smash reserves the right to prevent access to its application and its website from any mobile number or IP addresses deemed conflict.

7. Corporations or other business entities are not eligible to become members.

8. Bulb Smash membership and its right to use is limited to one individual with single mobile number and associated with single mobile device.

9. Member agrees to comply with all the terms of Bulb Smash and its advertiser and partner offers, promotions, and programs at all times.

10. Earning rewards are subject to change at any time without notice.

11. Earned points & rewards will be subtracted from Member's account once the redemption order is placed by the member and captured by the Bulb Smash system. A member who does not login in to the app for a period of 30 days on a continuous basis would have their credited points & rewards if any, forfeited.

12. Once used to claim a reward, earned points will not be reinstated to member's account.

13. In conjunction with claiming any reward with points in account or on certain level, member agrees to confirm that all information in member's personal profile is up to date and accurate.

14. No member is allowed to use or create fake ID or provide any fake profile information for earning any kind of reward.

15. Members are strictly prohibited to uninstall any mobile app to reinstall it through Bulb Smash for earning. Once any mobile app is installed through any channel (via Bulb Smash, through Google Play Store directly or through any other similar program), earned point rewards cannot be reclaimed by uninstalling & reinstalling the same mobile app.

16. Member agrees to promptly notify BulbSmash.com of any change in member's mobile number or address (mail or email) or personal profile by updating his or her personal information in the My Profile section of Bulb Smash mobile app and the Website under My Account. Member's discontinued participation in Bulb Smash or failure to notify BulbSmash.com of any address (mail or email) or profile changes may result in the termination of member's membership and forfeiture of member's unredeemed points or reward.

17. Bulb Smash reserves the right to cancel or disable accounts and forfeit unredeemed earned points or reward in those accounts that are inactive for a period of 45 consecutive days. Inactive shall be defined as lack of any one of the following: playing games,accessing and utilizing offers, email response (click thru), survey completion, viewing video, profile update or any earning or spending of points or reward.

18. Bulb Smash reserves the right to change this Agreement, and/or any part thereof, at any time as required by Company Law of India, Indian Government policy, Internet Usage policy, Telecom Regulatory policy, Android user’s usage policy, Bulb Smash or its parent company policy. Member understands the most recent version of this Agreement will be located on the Wallet play mobile application in the member services area under terms & conditions.

19. Bulb Smash or its parent company Witzeal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Bulb Smash service with or without notice to the member.

20. Rewards: Bulb Smash has tied up with third-parties to facilitate rewards of any kind. Bulb Smash is not liable or guarantee of full points be converted to equivalent reward since points can be asked for service fee incurred. Any service fee will completely be as per respective service provider policy..

21. Privacy Policy: Bulb Smash promises to maintain the privacy of members' personal information. The full extent of our commitment can be found by visiting our Privacy Policy.

22. Convenience charge: 20 Points as Convenience fee will be charged for the all reward redemption from the Bulb Smash account.

23. Bulb Smash Points or reward gifting and borrowing feature- the points available in the Bulb Smash account must be greater than 50 to use this feature. Bulb Smash reserves the right to modify the service or its part thereof. The service will be available only for Bulb Smash users. By this feature one member can gift/borrow his/her account points or reward to/from other member.

24. In case of an unfortunate event that Bulb Smash ceases to exists due to any unforeseeable condition, its hereby notified to the members that Bulb Smash will not be liable to pay to any individual (member) or group for any feature , service or part thereof. User indemnifies Bulb Smash from any dues whatsoever in such unfortunate event.All members Bulb Smash account point balance & rewards will be nullified with immediate effect on company closure.

25. All legal issues and complaints will be attended only at Jaipur Jurisdiction, Rajasthan, India.